Culture Code – Exclusive Interview

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Being a producer takes some much time and so much effort.  Years of practicing, and perfecting to somehow reach that spotlight that only few achieve.

Culture Code is one of the few that have reached the spotlight.  In a glorious light they have shined, their Soundcloud is a testament to their  immediate success.  Each new track is met with thousands of plays and publicity around the world.

Culture Code is a duo consisting of Chris and Dylan from Birmingham, UK, that are making a name for themselves in big room Dubstep.  With so much music in the Dubstep genre, it’s tough to imagine an artist that could still rise like these two and impress some of the bigger names in the genre.  With plenty of remixes from respectable artists, these two are really on track to becoming a big force in Dubstep.

Culture code has this magic about their music, like they’ve perfected a formula for big room Dubstep.  The vocals are carefully placed and the drops are just massive; this kind of production value is evident in all their music.  All of it is just as tight and just as good.  I’ve found the best way to describe their music is just… Big.  It has a sense of size; scale that is meant for stadiums.  It feels like it has a thousand screaming fans behind it.

But, their talent is just that, raw talent.  These guys haven’t been on the scene for long (they’re 19!) and you can get a sense of that in their musical library.  The sound is very safe with the same feeling across the board.  But this is a matter of experience.  Their production value more than makes up for it.

I feel like these guys have all the ingredients of a big act, it’s only a matter of time.  Since they are not quite there yet, I was able to get this interview.

Culture Code Cover

We feel that history is one of the biggest musical influences for an artist,  so where did you guys grow up, and more importantly what was your first experience with music?

Good question, our history really is a huge influence for us. After discussing this question we have come to the conclusion that some of our greatest influences growing up were the Arctic Monkeys, Artful Dodger, and the Beatles of course.  Those bands really influenced are need to make music that really brought out emotion in people. To be honest we haven’t had the chance yet to really shine, but the work that we have already produced we think is top notch, and we are only getting better.

 I’m sure you guys didn’t get into DJing immediately, so was there an instrument that you used to play back in grade school? Were you any good with it?

Yea we didn’t start out as DJ’s originally. Chris played the piano for a time and I “Dylan” also use to play the guitar. In addition, we both go to school for music so we learned a lot of what we know from our classes. One of the most important things in this process is to realize that there are people out there that know more than you. So by taking classes, we can learn specifics on mastering and music production than we might not be able to learn on our own.

I’m sure there’s a great story on how Culture Code “Chris and Dylan” met…

I mean, the story isn’t thattttt cool. We met when we were in High School years ago and ever since have been friends. Originally we belonged to another music group but we left and formed Culture Code. Through our friendship we were able to work well together, and the speed in which we produce has increased because of the combination of our skills.

So you started producing tunes a little while back? Who would you remix if you could remix any artist?

We would prefer to remix artists that tend to produce more emotional vocals.  One such group would be Swedish House Mafia, since their choice of vocals have always been really amazing. The vocals that they choose, tend to be so emotional and the melodies involved are quite amazing 🙂

We love knowing what kind of equipment successful artists use in the studio as it helps get our own readers ideas. What are you using right now?

So right now we use Logic Pro as our main choice for production. In addition, we use vsts such as Massive and Sylenth. In addition to that, for Sylenth we have created a number of presets on our own which has essentially become our “Culture Code” sound. For aspiring producers, we would encourage them to choose whatever they feel most comfortable with. Many people choose logic, or ableton just because they see other DJ’s using them. We would suggest that people should instead try everything as a demo and then pick whatever works best for them.

What is the coolest thing you guys use for producing?

We think the coolest thing we use is probably Sylenth. There are so many things you can do with it. Plus you can buy presets for it, and then take those vst presets and change them around to your liking.

Every artist has musical inspirations, what are some of yours?

When it comes to current artists that inspire us, I would have to go with Swedish House Mafia, Deadmau5 and Adventure Club. Unfortunately, there aren’t many DJ’s out there that are close to our sound but hopefully in the future that will all change.

If you could meet one of them right now who would it be and why?

We would LOVE to meet Swedish House Mafia in person. Such an experience would make our day. Probably year….

Dubstep is such a saturated scene with everyone trying to grab a piece of the action, how and why did you get into producing Dubstep Music? And what do you think makes your music really stand out?

Well in the UK we notice there really isn’t a lot of melodic dubstep out there except for groups like Nero. It is mostly underground liquid dubstep, or DnB. We wanted to step into a world that most people in the world aren’t used to. What we find most appealing is the fact that many of our listeners are from all over the world, including a large majority in the States.

There are so many genre’s of music out there, did you produce Dubstep right from the beginning? Or did you experiment with a lot of different genres?

We started out with dubstep from the beginning. We felt that it would be the safest choice to go with a genre that we knew best 🙂

What was your first big song and what was your reaction?

Well we made our own original at first but you probably wouldn’t be able to find it since it was on our old soundcloud which we deleted. The track at first wasn’t very impressive but it helped us find our footing and produce in a style that worked for us.

That big moment where your song goes big, it must have been crazy! Did you realize when that happened it would lead you to where you are today?

I mean, that moment when something like that happens… it doesn’t really hit you right away. It’s hard to imagine yourself actually having your music heard by thousands of people. Just the thought of your own work being enjoyed by that many people blows our minds.

I’m sure guys like you have thrown some crazy events, what was the craziest thing that has ever happened while you were performing?

Hmmmm the craziest thing might’ve been crowd surfing. Chris got the chance to do that one time while I stood there and watched…. I have to admit I was kind of jealous.

Do you have any rituals before performing on stage?

Eating crisps are probably a big ritual for us. We always ask for them on our rider

What are your plans for the future?

Hopefully to play more shows and get some good remixes out. We plan on asking some big artists whom we won’t name yet to let us remix some of their music.

Probably the most important question of the interview has been saved for last. If you could be any kind of fruit what would you be and why?

AN APPLE because they are green and awesome 🙂

After this interview, I am more than confident that “Culture Code” has the magic to get into the spotlight.  They have the talent and they know how to have fun.  Don’t be surprised to hear their remixes at a club near you.

Culture Code are so very cool.  You should like them on Facebook and follow them on Soundcloud (They put a lot of stuff out for free!).  Start a conversation via twitter.


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