Rogue – Zion

Zion by Rogue

Rouge has been busy the last few weeks putting out Endgame, Nightfall, and Zion.  All are particularly good but Zion is a destroyer of worlds.  Combining the deepness of UK dubstep with the Glitchy-ness of American Dubstep, this song forces you to swing your head around in ways only seen by exorcists.  But it’s not all doom and gloom, Zion has a particularly well crafted melody that really helps to compliment the buildups of the song.  Not only that, but you can pick it up for free from his soundcloud!

Rouge (a.k.a Joel Hunt) is relatively new to the scene (started in 2011) but seems to know his way around Dubstep.  He’s also got quite a few songs in quite a few genres.  Here is his latest track “Nightfall” on beatport.  A deep romp through big drops and sweet melodies.  It definitely has his distinct styling.

Don’t be surprised if this guy starts showing up in your search for the next big thing.

Follow Rouge at his Soundcloud and Facebook Page.


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