Solidisco & Bartouze – Dream of You

Solidisco - Dream of You

I’m ashamed of many things in my life but there is one that I will never be ashamed of.
I  Love  Disco.

Now that I got a bunch of you snickering thinking, I thought this was a website for “cool” music let me interject with this:

Bam! Now you think Disco is cool again. This track is just so fantastic. It has a great baseline and the melody is perfect for a Nu-Disco anthem. Plenty of throwback flavor without being too back in the past. Not only that, this track was hand crafted by some Buffalo’s finest. Solidisco & Bartouze really hit the nail on the head giving a classic genre a well deserved face-lift  Finally, I can play some disco at the club without being laughed at too much.

Solidisco is a duo born in Buffalo with a lot of top Beatport tracks and plenty of funky tracks. These guys are quickly rising the ranks as one of my favorite artists to date. Can’t wait to see them in the Buffalo scene. Who know’s, maybe Buffalo will see a resurgence of Disco thank to these two. Man these guys rock!

Show Solidisco how much Buffalo treasures their music at their Facebook and Soundcloud.


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