Kill Paris – Baby Come Back

So you’re about to get it on but you need some music to set the tone.  Barry White is too old school for this hip chick.  Well, Kill Paris has got your back on this one.

Correctly self-proclaimed baby making music, “Baby Come Back” is a nice and slow funk tune with dubstep elements mixed in for good measure.  Now to most artists this collection of genre’s would result in a schizophrenic flopping between soul and bass, but Kill Paris makes both sides soft enough that they just melt together forming a perfect tune for you and your spouse/lover/significant other/one-night stand/hobo that hangs around your building a lot to get in the mood.  Download it now for free and get to some baby-making!

Kill Paris is a producer from LA whose sound would be defined by “sexy”.  Producing slower funk dub is his thing and he’s damn good at it.  I dare say that playing his entire library in one sitting may just make you feel too sexy and start strutting naked everywhere.  Not only that, but Kill Paris over a ton of material for free!  Pick some of it up and start feeling sexy today.

Kill Paris can be found on his Facebook, Soundcloud, and Twitter.


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