OVERWERK – Daybreak (GoPro HERO3 Edit)


Whoa, big things are happening for this Canadian based producer.  “Daybreak” is a smash hit that helped launch the GoPro HERO3.

OVERWORK (a.k.a Edmond Huszar) is a producer and songwriter from London, Canada.  He launched onto the scene with his debut EP “The Nth”.  Now with another EP on the horizon OVERWERK is ramping up his promotions by hooking up with GoPro.  His song is featured on the promo video for GoPro’s new HERO3 Black.  The funny thing is that most of the comments on the video are about the music as opposed to the camera.  Nice going!

Daybreak’s signiture sound is that over-driven organ in the back, its got such a raw feel to it.  This song is go good that OVERWERK is giving it out for free!  Pick up a copy before he comes to his senses!

Show OVERWERK some love by liking his Facebook and following his Soundcloud.  OVERWERK’s next EP “After Hours” is coming out November 28th.  I’m sure it’s going to be epic.


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