Chase & Status – Big Man

Chase and Status are synonymous with Drum and Bass, but their latest song ‘Big Man’ has some very heavy rock influences.

Right from the beginning with the amplifier feedback and hum you can tell this song is geared to have a heavy rock sound.  And they do just that, ‘Big Man ‘ draws from the musical sounds of rock to construct a Drum & Bass song in disguise.  This variable “wolf in sheep’s clothing” makes you think for a second that Chase and Status has swapped the Drum & Bass for Heavy Metal, but the drop snaps you back to reality introducing Drum and Bass elements back into the song.

Chase and Status are giving this tune away for free.  There is really no reason to not pick up this venue smasher.  I can see this song working very well for moshing Drum and Bass and Heavy Metal fans together, literally.

The video for ‘Big Man’ is quite good.  It captures the essence of going to an underground venue to hear some crazy beats. You can check it out here.

You should really follow these guys, they’re a leader in Drum and Bass.  Follow them on Soundcloud and like them on Facebook.  Also, check out their website it’s pretty cool.


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