Final Boss – Direct

With a name like ‘Final Boss’ there’s a lot to live up to.  But, Direct really makes me feel like I’m battling a large pixelated snake monster. from the 12th dimension.

‘Final Boss’ is the latest serving of Dubstep from Direct.  And as you probably can guess, ‘Final Boss’ is a chiptune dubstep tune.  Full of 8-bit synths and some video game samples, this song is meant to make listeners geek.  The drop is big, bassy and quite a bit dubby.  the chip tune style really makes this otherwise average track shine.  This track is free and I’m sure you’ll get a few eyebrows when you drop this.

Direct, a.k.a Joseph Lyncheski, is an Orlando native with quite a few tracks and they are all pretty much video game inspired.  So if you’re throwing a gamer rave, Direct is the artists you’re looking for.

Check out Direct’s Facebook and Soundcloud for more video game music.  And #Mario at his Twitter.


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