The Way We Ball (Crizzly Remix) – Lil Flip

Hip-hop, Trap, Drum & Bass, Dubstep are all melting together into an indistinguishable mass of music that I have a tough time recognizing.  And ‘The Way We Ball’ has been transformed into a melting pot of delicious thank to Crizzly.

“The Way We Ball (Crizzly Remix)’ is a Hip-Hop song converted to Trap with a Dubstep breakdown, and it sounds good.  The beginning is all Trap until the Dubstep drop, and after that it’ goes into a verse of Hip-Hop flopping comfortably back into Trap.  And if that sounds schizophrenic, it kinda is. (in a good way)

If you like this mashed-up blend you can get it for free here.

This is what really excites me in this particular time in music.  All these genre’s are blending the lines, making some pretty ridiculous music.

And I’m ready for it.

Crizzly is a native of Austin, Texas.  Trap, Hip-Hop, Dubstep, they all blend under him creating a smooth blend of hood beats.  Check out his Facebook and follow his Soundcloud


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