Bassjackers – Let’s Get Weird


Hearing “Let’s Get Weird” from a stranger – Scary.  Hearing “Let’s Get Weird” at the club – Epic.

The superstars Bassjackers have pulled another song straight from the collective meld of their minds and it’s called “Let’s get Weird”.  For something that’s called “Let’s Get Weird” it stays pretty familiar with a traditional dutch house structure and synth overtones.  The drop is the only thing is remotely weird about it and even then it’s quite typical club fare music.  But the production value is very high and the sound is spot on.  It’s a very well paced song.  This song played at the right moment would drive a crowd nuts.  And it’s driving me nuts because it’s free!

If you don’t know Bassjackers then get your head out a pit and listen to this!

Just became a fan?  Like them on Facebook then follow them on Soundcloud.  Tell them something weird on Twitter.


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