Rusko – KAPOW EP

It’s amazing how anyone can pull ahead of the tidal wave of music releases and truly stand out.  Rusco has some real talent by standing out.

I’ve been mulling over his latest EP, “KAPOW”, for a couple of weeks now and I don’t really understand why I like it so much.  It a light dub EP with plenty of sampling and high quality production, but there are plenty of other songs with these qualities, why does “KAPOW” stand out?

I personally enjoy the duality of his work, with lighthearted breakdowns and semi-filthy drops it creates an emotional experience.  The contrast really makes both sides stand out enhancing and growing with each other.  A lot of songs become a one trick pony but Rusko flexes his production skills by combining these two feelings into one song beautifully.  And then doing it 4 more times.

“KAPOW” is a great EP for listening and for playing out and I highly suggest you pick it up for yourself.  As an added bonus, you can pick up his EP for free by posting about it on your Facebook!  Just follow this link.

Rusko is a very successful Producer with almost 1 million Facebook followers.  Become one on his Facebook and Follow his Soundcloud.


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