Diamond Eyes – Monsters

Deep Filth is huge right now in Dubstep.  The aggressive baselines and colossal drops practically forces people to rock out.  And I’m discovering a fresh new way to put in a drop.  All of a sudden.

“Monsters” by Diamond Eyes is a fantastic example of the surprise drop.  The beginning is all light and dreamy with minimal drums and a man complaining about his insomnia due to his fear of monsters under the bed.  Then at about the 1 minute mark…


Boom!  The song is a whole different animal with fat synths, deep bass, and a tremendous amount of Dubstep “Rawring” sounds.  The shift is so sudden that I was caught off guard when I heard it the first time.

I would recommend you pick up this song (it’s being offered free) and drop it somewhere completely unexpected.  It’ll be hilarious and awesome!

Diamond Eyes is a Dubstep and Electro Producer from Norwich, UK.  He’s pretty fresh on the scene at it for only about a year but he’s pretty damn good.

Check out his Facebook and his Soundcloud.


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