Rick Vallone – I Envy You

Buffalo has a steady stream of creative works flowing from it’s cheerio flavored music hole.  “I Envy you” is a work in process from Buffalo’s own Rick Vallone.

Rick Vallone is the resident promoter of Dave’s Bohemian Groove Bar (a.k.a DGBG).  He’s brought some great talent through Buffalo as a promoter but he’s a pretty good musician himself releasing new sounds every now and again.  His style is hard to pin down ranging from slo-mo Hip-Hop to chill rock to Funky grunge.  But the overall feel of his work is organic with tastefully live drum samples and just an overall organic progression with his work.

“I Envy You” is his latest offering after quite a hiatus.  Although it’s a work in progress I can feel the jam in this tune.  The drums are interesting due to their electronic sound and organic structure.  And as anyone who read’s this site knows, I have a soft spot for funky tunes and this tickles my funky bones.

The subtle use of guitar is a very nice touch.  The synths and how they mesh together created a great atmosphere.

Rick Vallone is a cool guy who loves sipping good whiskey and chatting about the Buffalo music scene.  Check him out on his Soundcloud and his Facebook.


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