LoFi – Jim Jarvis

Jim Jarvis - LoFi

Tech house is rooting itself in Buffalo with a couple of DJ groups serving it to the masses.  Not only that, Jim Jarvis is frontlining a tech house sound of his own.

Jim’s new track “LoFi” is a smooth and sultry romp through some progressive tech.  The carefully placed effects, vocal samples, and drums really makes this track stand out in production value.  You can really hear the work gone into this track.

The drops are clean and true characteristic of great tech.  The build-ups are nice and controlled giving this song a reserved feel with plenty of overhead.  It’s just funky enough to really stand out.  I hope some of you pick this up and play it out.  Buffalo needs some more deep funky vibes.

Jim Jarvis is a Buffalo DJ that was recently picked up by San Francisco’s Cable Recordings.  His latest EP “Moonraker EP” has been getting some attention from some well respected names in EDM.  Become a fan on Facebook or follow him on Soundcloud.  Pick up some of his material at Beatport!


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