Kavinsky – Protovision

Kavinsky - Protovision

Man, this guy takes forever to put out new material.  But “Protovision” is well worth the wait.

Kavinsky was one of the very first Artist that I bought an EP from.  I remember the first time I heard his material.  It was 2007 and I was attending Daft Punk “Alive” (Yes, it was amazing)  And Kavinsky was working the decks before the acts got on stage.  I remember thinking this guy has such a retro sound.  It’s so good.

After that night, I took some extra time to hound down and purchase his first EP “Teddy Boy”.  I listened to that thing so much in college.  Then I found this:

Mind.  Was.  Blown.

Ever since then I’ve been picking up all his material including the 1986 Blaser EP (Picture Disk looks like a Tesstarossa Rim, way cool)

Then, it just sort of stopped.  Kavinsky takes his time with his work, putting out material that meets a very high standard and that’s why I love him so much.  The work is just so good, all of his tracks are spectacular.

Then, I hear there’s a new Album on the horizon and his first single from it is out.   Well here it is:

This video is just so polished.  It’s got that old school look and gritty feel like it’s been filmed in the 80’s.  But just listen to that track.  Full synths and 80’s guitar riffs?  It’s such a guilty pleasure.  A perfected nostalgia trip.

I highly suggest you get on the Kavinsky bandwagon and listen to his material.  You will not be disappointed.

“Protovision” is the latest track from Kavinsky’s new album titled “Outrun”  and It’s expected sometime 2013.

Follow Kavinsky on his Soundcloud and like him on Facebook.


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