Porter Robinson & Mat Zo – Easy

Porter Robinson & Mat Zo - Easy

As a DJ, I have 2 separate libraries for music.  My DJ library and my personal listening library, and it takes a very special song to be put in both.

Loving this song is just so easy.  So so easy.  Porter Robinson and Mat Zo has created a very soulful production of electronic melodies that really resonates with my persona
l listening style.  Not only that, but it’s big and explosive making it a fantastic progressive house tune.

However, I do have one gripe about this tune.  It just sounds a little too much like “Language”

It’s just got the same feel the same progression.  They’re obviously different but I can’t seem to shake the feeling that I’m listening to the same song.  Like Language 2.0.

But, Language is so good that I’m not particularly deterred from nabbing this tune.  The feel is just good good I don’t mind they’re the same.  Just means I have more.

The other bonus of this track is the name Mat Zo.  Curious to see what his influences were on the song I looked him up.  and found this:

This man is big.  Very big.  His music has a sense of size and scale that  reflects “Easy”.  All of his music is stellar and I highly suggest you take some time to listen to his singles set.  It’s inspiring.

Mat Zo – SoundcloudFacebookBeatport

Porter RobinsonSoundcloudFacebookBeatport



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