The Forge #1 – Trap Trap Trap

The Forge

This episode of The Forge is focused on the new sensations called “Trap”.  A hip-hop style genre without all those pesky lyrics.

What is “Trap”?  Well to put in in layman’s terms “Trap” is a genre of music closely associated with hip-hop.  A lot of it sounds like Hip-Hop instrumentals.  But if you look closer you can see that Trap involves quite a bit of production value with crisp choppy samples, sharp snares and very deep bass.  Trap has had a sort of explosion in the underground scene.

At first, I was very uninterested in Trap.  It was, in my eyes, quite boring.  With no vocals, Trap sounded dull and meaningless.  But as I heard more and more of it flow into the DJ mainstream, I began to see it’s merit.  While Trap and Dubstep share the same bpm most of the time, Trap is going in the opposite direction as Dubstep.  As Dubstep tries to add more and more samples bring the complexity to a singularity,  Trap is about the flow and feel of the music, honing it to an instrument of destruction.

I had an experience with Trap recently.  I didn’t really spin it at all until New Year’s Eve.  Our DJ before us decided to play an all Trap set.  So in order to mix our music together, we started in Trap and it was exhilarating.  The music is highly mixable with an emphasis on flow and feel.  It was refreshing compared to the complexity and drive of mainstream Electro and Dubstep.  You can expect us to spin it again!

Now that I’ve got you all hyped up about Trap, I’m going to introduce “THE FORGE”!  The Forge is going to be our weekly segment of free to download music (probably grouped in a genre) that will give you an exclusive set of free to download songs that represent the freshest songs that genre has to offer.  Consider it a starter kit for your DJ library!  We’re also going to conveniently group them together in a zip file for you to download at once (not because you’re lazy, but because you’re too awesome to waste time downloading them individually).

You can be lazy awesome and pick up all the tracks right here —-> The Forge Ep. 1

Eventually, we hope to get local DJ’s involved by showing us their favorite tracks and featuring them on “The Forge”.  So without further adu:  Here are the tracks:

Gent and Jawns – Turnup

This is probably the best representation of the stereotypical “Trap” track.  Tons of samples lyrics and crisp drum samples.  But, the flow really makes this track really stand out.  It’s deep, dark and full of emotion.  A great Trap Track!

Ree$e – Molly (LOUDPVCK Remix)

This is like the previous track.  The production value is high with crisp highs and great vocals.  Main difference here is an actual lyric structure but it’s only a chorus so don’t get too excited!

Dank – New York Fuckin City (Dank’s Trap Edit)

As Trap is a brand new genre, it has to go through it’s customary remix stage where it takes every living thing under the sun and remixes the hell out of it.  This is one of the best remixes I’ve heard in a long time.  That guitar riff fits so perfectly, you wouldn’t know it was a remix.

Don Diablo – M1 Stinger (gLAdiator Remix) feat. Noonie Bao

gLAdiator huh?  I remember him on the Moombahton craze.  But, he really shows his flexibility by remixing M1 stinger into a really powerful Trap anthem.  You can not play a Trap set without this song!

The XX – Reconsider (HugLife Remix)

This is a tangent into what Trap could sound like in the future.  Trap is, in essence, in adolescent form with many producers capitalizing on it’s stylized structure.  But this track is different.  It’s a emotionally powerful tune that tastefully uses Trap elements to craft a great sounding experience.

Mightyfools – Bitches (Mightyfools Trap Remix)

And we are back to the characteristic sound of Trap.  However, this track uses a lot of progressive techniques such as piano buildups and white noise whooshes.  But the track drops and it reminds you that it’s named Trap for a reason.  Plus, there’s a cat sample in there!

Kanye West – Clique ft Jay Z & Big Sean (Singularity Remix)

I included this track because I think this is the eventual reality of Trap.  It’s a matter of time before Trap gets swallowed by the Hip-Hop industry.  And, this remix shows how hip-hop anthem can easily become a Trap smasher.  It’s a great tune.  But if Trap is to become mainstream, it’s going to sound more like this.


This is just a jammin’ good Trap tune.  Don’t ask questions!!!

WATAPACHI – Lets Get Ratchet (Bigski Bubbling Mc Boomer)

And you though i’d go through without highlighting a local Buffalo producer!  HA!  DJ Bigski is a Buffalo DJ who produces a large swath of tunes.  However, this trap tune is one of the best ones he’s come out with in my opinion.

Do you feel proficient with trap now?  How about now?  Well this packet of Trap tunes should get you started.  Have some fun and keep it deep!


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