The Forge – #2 Gimmie that Funk

The Forge

Today’s electronic dance music has had it’s transitions, upheavals, shifts and explosions.  But it all had to stem from somewhere… somewhere soulful….. and extremely funky…..

DISCO!  The answer is Disco!

Not only is Disco alive, but it’s seeing a small resurgence.  The EDM explosions has brought with it some of the classics, and I cannot be happier!

A lot of people said that disco died in the 70’s, but the truth is that Disco died in the US.  With the lack of metropolitan areas dominating the landscape, the huge disco clubs that defined the movement were unable to survive.  However, in the much more dense European countries, the huge Disco  clubs were still banging on.  This disco wave evolved and transformed into the Italo sound which influenced the Chicago sound which in turn transformed into the house music we all know and love.

Disco had such high productions values often incorporating symphonies, exotic instruments and sounds that it burned itself out in the vacuum of the American market.  But, now that production software can create symphonies in a program, Disco production is coming back.

Disco is like house with more emphasis on the general groove of the tune.  Old school samples, classic synths, and soulful vocals really make disco tunes stand out.  Because of the complexity of some of the sounds of Disco, DJ seem to be intimidated but (with practice) dropping the occasional Disco track really bring some serious class and respectability to your sets.  Almost a tip of the hat to songs of old that pioneered many of the genre’s we all play today.

This episode of the forge is dedicated to Disco and the Funky vibes that defined a movement.  The tracks included in this Forge have that old school Disco feel but are some of the freshest Disco tunes out on the scene right now.  I suggest picking up these songs and bringing some funk!

You can be lazy awesome and pick up all the tracks right here —-> The Forge Ep. 2

Here are the tracks!

“1517 (AGFA Re-Edit)”

This song is a very good representation of some of the funky vibes disco has to offer.  But what really makes this track stand out is the merging of the new and the old.  Awesome classic samples give this track depth and the synths really add edge to the funk.

Boule Noire – Aimer D’Amour (AutoReverse Edit)

A nice slow track to compliment a nice chill set.  The emerging sounds lend this song to it’s relaxed nature.  The great use of vocals and bass makes this track into a classic disco anthem.

Munich Machine – Space Warrior (Boris Dlugosch EDIT)

And now we speed it right up.  The funk on this track is almost criminal.  This song is pretty average until the breakdowns.  It’s floats out and introduces some disco guitar samples that give this song a nice disco feel.

Anjulie – You & I (Solidisco Remix)

We have featured Solidisco before and man they know how to create an awesome funky track.  Plus it’s a disco remix of a top 40 song!  Drop it in your set and watch the teenie boppers and old farts jam out together.  That’d be a sight!  But seriously, Solidisco is right on the leading edge of the incoming disco resurgence.

Miguel Indeep Campbell – Last Night a Flight School Saved My Life (Naxsy MixUp)

This song is an absolute classic, and this rework does justice to the soulful vocals of the original.  That bass-line is just so funky!  Makes me want to just get up an groove.

Intergalactic Highway – Rescue Mission

This tune is on the very edge of Disco music right now.  Disco may be a tride and true formula but that doesn’t mean people don’t experiment.  This song is like a blend of house and disco resulting in a sounds almost as if a live band tried playing house music.  It’s very good in a strange sort of way.

Ace of Bass – The Sign (Crime Pays Remix)

I can’t b eleive someone pulled this remix together.  The original is so cheesy and Crime Pay’s pulls a fresh lens over it to turn it into a dark disco anthem.

The Owski – I Tell Yah

The Featured Buffalo Producer is Mr. Owski.  He’s a House producer and DJ who has a great sense of groove and an awesome command of vocal samples that makes him stand out in the Buffalo scene.  “I Tell Yah” is a fantasicly groovy tune that fits quite nicely in all this Disco goodness.

I’ve got an extra special treat for you!  This is one of the best mixes of Disco and funk I’ve ever heard.  I highly recommend you listen to this mix and pick up some pointers.  Also, it’s just damn good to listen to!

Pick up this edition of The Forge and get into a re imagined classic genre.

Watching this couldn’t hurt…51HH4WHN8VL._SL500_AA300_


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