Pink Floyd – Marooned (ENiGMA Dubz Mix)


It’s really hard to mix in a true classic.  (Trust me on this)  It’s even harder to remix a classic.  It’s a real gem when the remix does justice to the original.

Enigma Dubs is one of the very first artists I’ve heard to pull a Pink Floyd remix that has the same sense of size and complexity in the original.  The signature guitar riff from Marooned meshes perfectly into this otherwise soulful dub mix.  A powerful mixture to be sure.  The emotion is what sets this mix apart.  It’s not just another rampant use of recognizable material, it’s a full fledged electronic tribute to the original.  I am truly, truly impressed.

If you want this song and some other great tunes, Dank and Dirty Dubs has put it on their free 2 year anniversary EP.  You can pick it up by clicking the image below.artworks-000037429305-zzgird-t500x500


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