The Forge # 3 – Getting Down and Dirty

The Forge

Grime is such an enigma.  It’s originated in the U.K. and it absolutely refuses to evolve.

I took some time to investigate the genre of Grime.  I had a run in with the genre with an impromptu visit to an unsavory club in the U.K.  A smoky room full to the brim with very unfriendly people watching a couple of guys spit lyrics at each other over a very interesting beat.  It was distinctly British in sound.  Before I could see who would win the battle, I was glared out of the club by a couple of gents who said, “You don’t belong here”.

Since then, I’ve been particularly untouched by the Grime genre, as the U.S. hasn’t really caught on.  But recently, I was reintroduced into the Grime Genre by a particular DJ set.  It was absolutely mental.  Grime is on it’s own world.  A hip-hop with an exotic appeal.  It almost like a different evolutionary path to hip-hop.

Grime, in essence, is a parallel to hip-hop.  Characterized by rapping lyrics and big bass, Grime differentiates itself by incorporating electronic elements and very obscure samples.  Plus, Grime can be very easily identified by the slurring nature of the lyrics.  It’s has a deep and dangerous feel to it.  Like a soundtrack to a dark walk through a dangerous neighborhood.

This genre is very versatile to the DJ.  With it’s structure and similarity to both electronic music and hip-hop, I’ve used Grime as a bridge from Dubstep to hip-hop.  But from this search, I’ve discovered that Grime has a tremendous amount of merit and can be used to formulate a mind bending set.

Now I’ve compiled a huge set of some of the freshest Grime on the scene right now for the 3rd episode of “The Forge”

You can be super lazy awesome and pick up the whole set here:

—>The Forge Ep.3<—

Merky ACE – Gunplay

And we get started with Grime more towards the Hip-Hop side.  The lyrics and flow are spot on.  It’s a definitive dirty Grime track.

It’s Not Creeper But It’s Okay (JuxtaPoser Whitelabel Edit)

Now we get to the interesting stuff.  Grime is a land of samples and this track uses a string sample as the definitive sound and morphs it into a somehow old school sounding track.  This song has a character that I haven’t seen in a long time.  The female vocals is such a treat.

Trolley Snatcha – Pass me By (O.p.p & Filthy Vicars Refix)

And now we’ve hit the other end of the Grime spectrum.  This track has a distinct Dubstep feel but the bass is huge on this track with not wobble in sight.  Grime has a versatility that I just absolutely love.  Grime seems encompass all the dirty tracks that are somehow tight and fresh.

Renin – Sentient

The description of this track probably does much better than I ever would.
“Picture an ancient cybernetic being, the Architect. The creator of a strange world. The Architect has laid dormant deep in that planet for eons. It rises, covered in filth and grime, slowly regaining functionality as it wanders through the darkness. Between the dense growth, light is visible. Suddenly, it emerges into a breathtaking vantage in the skies, overlooking the landscapes of the Architect’s own design.”

Jammer Feat. LOTM4 Allstars – Lord Of The Mics X Resident Evil

This is probably the best track I could find that epitomizes the Grime Genre.  It’s in that crack between Hip-Hop and Dubstep.  Electronic bass and crazy samples plus exotic lyrics equals a futuristic distopia that I don’t want to leave.

Flowdan & Wiley – In The Dance (alO Remix)

This is a great track.  The instrumentals have been carefully crafted.  The lyrics are expertly placed.  It’s a great track.  What else can I say?!


2 responses to “The Forge # 3 – Getting Down and Dirty

  1. been described to me by someone in the uk grime scene that the difference between mc’s in hip hop is the lyrical content where the focus in grime is the delivery… no set verse/line length and structure, thats where the meat of the creativity is

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