Bruno Mars – Locked Out of Heaven (Solidisco Remix)


Solidisco’s first smash was a bootleg of Rihanna’s “We found Love”.  Almost a year later they’re at it again!
Holy smokes this tune is absolutely smashing.  The top 40’s hit “Locked out of Heaven” gets a funky work-over by one of my favorite artists, Solidisco.  The beginning of the remix has a distinct 80’s feel to it, but as the buildup comes the horns crescendo into a drop that will rock you’re socks off!

The funk in the drop is just so good.  The composition is exact and I love the fact that they used “Locked out of Heaven” for their vocals.  It’s big, it’s funky, I’s f!@#$ing good!

Just pick it up!  Right Now!

It’s free!  What are you waiting for!

Get it here!

You should seriously follow Solidisco on their Soundcloud.  The material they put out is amazing.


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