How long? – How to Destroy Angels


We have a seriously unique electronic artist here.  Breaking boundaries and forging diverse paths through electronic music.  Howtodestroyangels is one of my favorite experimental electronic acts so far.

Howtodestroyangels is coming out with a new album and they’ve released a new single from that album.  “How long?”  is an expanding cosmos of sounds that develop and explore the limits of rhythmic sensations until it explodes in a cascade of vocals and hard synths.  Then, like the cosmos, it contracts into it’s simplest elements to begin the song anew.

I personally love this song and if this single is an indication of what the album is going to sound like, I’m excited to be taken on a psychedelic trip through the unknown.

Want more phycodellic things that’ll make your head spin?  Check out the video for “how long?”

Howtodestroyangels‘s next album “Welcome Oblivion” is coming out March 5th.  You can pre-order it here.


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