Boys Noize “Ich R U” (Jacques Lu Cont Remix)


I’ve been looking for this tune for a while and I FOUND IT!

I’ve heard this track in almost every mix-tape in recent memory.  The beginning is so inconspicuous and it barely builds to a point where it just says “Ich Ich Ich R U”, and then it just drops an epic bass-line.  For all of you who have been looking for this awesome track, it’s right here!

I remember listening to Boys Noize back when they’re music was on Myspace.  It’s a real slap in the face to see him move into the huge international stage.  I feel slightly hipsterish just for liking them before they were popular.  But I’m really glad they did.  It’s nice to see an act being recognized as a musical force in the industry.  Good for you Boys Noize!

Follow Boys Noize‘s Soundcloud and like him on Facebook.


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