Mission Statement:

The Nickel City Guild is a collaboration of DJ’s whose sole purpose is to promote music and each other.  Buffalo is our home-base and we intend to improve the scene by creating a community that supports each other in all ways, whether it be sharing our hand crafted beats, helping an event with it’s line-up, or providing a place for DJ’s to network.

The Nickel City Guild is a place where DJ’s can come together and make sweet, sweet music.

Social Presence:

We don’t have very much right now as the group and site are so new.  However, you can join our moderated group here.  The group is a place to converse with your fellow Guild members and really throw some ideas around.

Member Perks:

If you ask us really nicely we will provide you with a dedicated page detailing you and your craft.  This perk is absolutely free and is a great way to have a semi-professional profile on a site other than Facebook.  Not only that but if any of your content appears on the website we will link your name with your profile.  All you have to do is contact us and we’ll set it up for you.

But seriously,

This site is a much needed bridge between all the DJ’s in Buffalo, and our hope is to better the scene and bring about an era of collaboration and awesome.


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